Why We Don’t Handle Payments

To put it simply: that gets messy. Different customers run on different business models, using different payment gateways. Although Stripe and Paddle dominate this area, they don’t always operate as effectively (or at all) in different countries. So for some countries, other services are used more.

Additionally, some newsletters are run through email services that may already have a payment facility built-in.

And when it comes to the financial transaction, I think we can all agree that when fewer parties are involved, it’s better for everyone.

How We Support Your Own Payment Process

Instead of taking payments via ourselves, you can add a payment link to each ad slot you have available. That then links to your preferred payment provider, and the transaction is handled through them.

SponsorsHQ payment link

In that link, you can add a placeholder for the ad slot ID, so that you can track which ad slot the advertiser is paying for.

Once you’ve received payment, you can log back into Sponsors HQ and mark the ad as fully booked. Until that point, other advertisers will see it as provisionally booked, so they know that someone else has reserved the slot but not yet paid.

If the payment isn’t made, you can make the slot available again for other advertisers.

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